Mike Grisham

Mike Grisham
Shawnee Communications, Illinois
For NTCA Board of Directors

Commercial Company Representative– Northeast Region

Progressive, Innovative

As President of Shawnee Communications, I’ve spent my entire 25-year profession learning and leading in virtually every aspect of the business.

Keeping ahead of challenges and finding innovative solutions are the critical skills needed in this ever-changing industry.

That is why I am running for the NTCA Board of Directors in the Northeast Region. I want to ensure prosperity for rural independent telephone companies, and help lead NTCA to be progressive and aggressive in achieving our goals.

With the assistance of a strong team, Shawnee has completed landmark projects, including the formation of ShawneeLink and building a robust 100 fiber-to-the-home network. Meanwhile, Shawnee has acquired additional companies, diversified our business portfolio, modernized our network, and greatly improved the experience for our customers.

Taking initiative and showing leadership in other industry organizations have added to my experience and given me the opportunity to solve problems in fast, creative, and cost-effective ways:

  • Boards of Directors
    • NTCA Foundation for Rural Service (FRS)
    • Crossville Telephone Company (an Illinois ILEC), Vice President
    • Mobile Nation (KY/TN cellular provider)
    • INA/Bluebird (IL statewide fiber network), Vice Chairman
    • Illinois Independent Telecommunications Association, Treasurer
    • Illinois Small Company Exchange Carrier Association, Secretary
    • Illinois Telecommunications Association
    • Southern Illinois Spectrum Holdings
  • Former Positions
    • OPASTCO Video and Broadband Committee Member
    • OPASTCO Technical Committee Member
    • i700, LLC Director and Secretary/Treasurer
    • Southern Illinois Broadband, LLC

As your Northeast Region Representative on the NTCA Board of Directors, I can offer you and the Board decades of experience in accounting and finance, business expansion, progressive thinking and business innovation, while remaining focused on our roots as rural telecommunications providers.

I’m so excited for this opportunity, and I thank you for your support. Please feel free to email me or call me at 618.276.4211. I’d love to hear from you!