Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Clients may not use their respective accounts:

  • For any purpose which violates U.S. federal or state laws
  • To interfere with or disrupt network users, services or equipment including distributing unsolicited electronic mail, propagating computer worms or viruses, or using the network to make unauthorized entry to other computational, information, or communications devices or resources
  • To broadcast message(s) to lists or individuals that have not explicitly expressed an interest in such messages. Unsolicited E-Mail is not acceptable
  • To intentionally use programs that harass other users or infiltrate a computer or computing system and/or damage or alter the software components of a computer or computing system and which include sending messages likely to result in the loss of recipients’ work or systems
  • To gain unauthorized entry into any piece of electronic equipment or to scan networks looking for possibly unauthorized entry points
  • In a manner that precludes or significantly hampers its use by others

Be aware that many networks are production or communications networks that many people rely on for business, education, or communications; uses that significantly interfere with the ability of others to make effective use of the network are not acceptable.

Respect the legal protection provided by copyrights, licenses and ownership of information; it is not acceptable to use your account to access information or resources unless permission to do so has been granted by the owners or holders of rights to those resources or information.

Forging E-mail or Usenet headers is expressly forbidden.

Shawnee Corporation maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding spam originating from its network.

Shawnee clients that send spam or repeated unsolicited e-mails can expect to be permanently disconnected. Charges may be applied to the account owner for time spent investigating and handling the complaints.

Shawnee reserves the right to permanently suspend any account that violates its AUP.

To file a complaint for any violation of our AUP that originated within Shawnee’s network, please e-mail with all data that supports your complaint. Since we respond to all abuse complaints, we ask that you use a real e-mail address to which we may reply.

For emergency situations (your network is the recipient of a DoS or other attack) that is originating from within Shawnee’s network, please refer to the administrative contact listed in ARIN’s database. Please be advised that any non-emergencies reported to this number may be billable.


  • The benefits of or rights conferred are non-transferable or sublicensable. Use of Shawnee Internet is expressly limited to Customer’s immediate household (including out buildings on the property) or contiguous business campus. Account sharing is strictly prohibited and shall be cause for immediate termination of service.
  • Customer is responsible for all equipment and software necessary to connect to Shawnee Internet.
  • Customer agrees to use the service in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws.
  • Customer is responsible for all use of account(s) and confidentiality of password(s). Shawnee will suspend access or change access to Customer’s Account(s) immediately upon notification by Customer that a password has been lost, stolen or otherwise compromised.
  • Customer’s use of Shawnee Internet services constitute Customer acceptance of Terms and Conditions.


  • Customer is responsible for all local or long-distance telephone charges for connecting directly to Shawnee Internet.
  • Customer agrees to pay Shawnee all charges relating to use of Customer’s Account(s). Customer recognizes that there is a 30 day minimum subscription period.
  • Sales and use taxes, and all other applicable taxes and levies which are applicable to the provision of services shall be borne by Customer, regardless of whom the taxes and levies are or were imposed upon.
  • Access is subject to credit limits and/or security deposits established by Shawnee. A credit limit is applied to all accounts.
  • Shawnee may suspend Customer’s access to the service if Customer exceeds his/her credit limit unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Shawnee reserves the right to change prices on 30 days’ notice.
  • All invoices are due upon receipt and payable within twenty-one (21) days unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
  • Shawnee reserves the right to suspend access to service for Customer’s Account(s) upon an indication of credit problems including delinquent payments. A reconnection charge of $20.00 will apply after payment of any outstanding balance.
  • Static IP Addresses are available upon request and are individually billed at $10/month.


  • Information available on Shawnee Internet is the property of Shawnee, its Information Providers, or other Customers.
  • Customer shall not redistribute, reproduce, or commercially exploit such information without express written permission of its owner.
  • Information Providers shall have the right to assert and enforce such copyright provisions directly on their own behalf.
  • Customer submitting information owned by Customer for publication on Shawnee Internet grants Shawnee non-exclusive permission to distribute the information product worldwide. Customer retains all rights Customer may have to such information.

Limitation Of Liability

  • Neither Shawnee nor its Information Providers are responsible for any damages arising from Customer’s use of Shawnee Internet or inability to use Shawnee Internet. There is no guarantee of message delivery. Return receipts may be requested, but there is no guarantee that the recipient’s mail system will honor these.
  • Shawnee is not responsible for Customer’s personal files residing on Shawnee Internet. Customer is responsible for independent backup of all such data.
  • Customer is hereby warned that some sites accessible via Shawnee Internet allow posting, retrieval, and/or electronic mailing of materials that may be considered obscene or objectionable. Shawnee is not responsible for inadvertent or deliberate access to such material and cannot prevent access of such materials.


  • Shawnee reserves the right to change its services without notice including but not limited to access procedures, hours of operation, menu structures, commands, documentation, and services offered.
  • Shawnee reserves the right to delete Customer’s personal files which have not been accessed for more than one (1) month.
  • Customer understands that Shawnee Internet services may be interrupted for several reasons, including but not limited to malfunctions, maintenance, improvement or as required to protect network resources in the event of malfunctions or misuse. Customer understands that it may not receive advance notification of any such interruption of service. Scheduled outages will be publicized online.
  • Shawnee shall not be liable for any delay in or failure to perform the services caused by circumstances entirely beyond its control such as those occasioned by acts of God or other causes or which it could not have reasonably foreseen or any other cause which similarly impedes the providing of service.
  • Shawnee reserves the right in its sole discretion to delete any information entered into Shawnee Internet computer systems by Customer. Shawnee and its authorized representatives shall have the right, but shall not be obligated, to edit publicly viewable information.
  • Customer hereby agrees that any material submitted for publication on Shawnee Internet throughCustomer’s Account(s) does not violate or infringe upon any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory, common law or proprietary rights of others, or contain anything obscene, objectionable, or libelous.
  • Shawnee, at its sole judgement, may immediately suspend Customer’s access to the service upon any breach of any of the Terms and Conditions by Customer, including, but not limited to, refusal or failure to pay for services provided or disruptive online behavior.
  • Shawnee reserves the right to terminate access to service for any Customer Account(s) which have been inactive for six (6) months or longer.
  • Shawnee may modify these Terms and Conditions upon notice published online. Customer’s use of Shawnee Internet after such notice shall constitute Customer acceptance of such modifications.
  • Shawnee does not intentionally restrict certain content from crossing its network or stop specific material from being downloaded.  While some providers may restrict end-user speeds when subscribed data limits are exceeded, Shawnee does not intentionally slow network speeds based on subscription levels, total data usage or the content of transmitted material   Additionally, internet-based content does not receive prioritization determined by the end-user’s subscribed internet plan, the type of content being transmitted or its affiliation with content providers that have a partnership with Shawnee.

Identity Protection

Shawnee is required by law to treat Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) confidentially. Customer agrees that Shawnee may share CPNI within its business operations and with businesses acting on Shawnee’s behalf to determine if Customer could benefit from the wide variety of Shawnee products and services, and in its marketing and sales activities. Customer may withdraw its authorization at any time by informing Shawnee in writing. The Customer’s decision regarding Shawnee’s use of CPNI will not impact the quality of services received by the Customer.