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Hosted Phone Solutions

Are you ready to upgrade your
communications solution? Shawnee
Communications’ Hosted Phone Solution
brings a big business phone system to you
at a lower total cost of ownership than
what you’re currently paying, and it’s easy
to manage. Shawnee Communication
delivers a high-quality, reliable solution
over its managed network, so feature
upgrades are done in the network
seamlessly for you.

Why Go Hosted?

Cost efficiency


Hosted PBX reduces repair costs and the potential downtime that can come with a legacy PBX system. Instead of utilizing expensive 3rd party equipment, our Hosted systems are driven by our telephone switch and are delivered by our Fiber-to-the-Home network. Additionally, Hosted systems don’t require a complex infrastructure to operate as it uses an Internet connection to deliver dial tone to your workstation. Hosted systems also provide access to the latest voice features without any expensive hardware updates. Whether your business is growing or downsizing, a Hosted system will provide the flexibility your business needs today and also future growth.



Gone are the days of expensive equipment upgrades when you need to add a
phone to your telephone system. Since Hosted Phone Systems are IP based,
all you need to expand is adequate Internet connectivity and a new phone.
Grow seamlessly with your business without breaking the bank.

Dedicated Transport

Long gone are the days of needing multiple T-1 circuits to provide stable,
secure bandwidth to our business. Ethernet transport circuits provide
secure, high-speed data transmission between different locations.
Ethernet Transport allows you to work offsite but operate as if you
were in the next room. Maximize your efficiency with guaranteed
bandwidth, symmetric speeds, and escalated support.

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