CPNI Policy

Shawnee takes your personal information seriously, so please read this carefully.

The Federal Communications Commission has ruled that customers have the right to restrict access to their private account information, thus passing new legislature that requires telephone companies to institute policies and safeguards that ensures protection of each customers’ confidential information. Private customer information is referred to as Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI).

CPNI is information that is not publicly available, including the services you obtain from us, the use you make of those services and your billing records. Your name, address and phone number do not qualify as CPNI as they are public record. If you have questions as to what is or what is not CPNI, please contact us. Internet usage is not CPNI and will not be released to anyone unless so ordered by a court issued subpoena.

Your CPNI can’t be changed by, or given to, anyone not listed on the account. If you wish to grant a spouse or other family member access to your CPNI, you must inform Shawnee Communications of your wish to do so. In the upcoming weeks, Shawnee Communications will issue each telephone account a randomly generated pin number. If you call one of our offices, a person named on your account must provide your pin number in order to access your CPNI. If you are unable to give your pin number, you will be asked to answer an authentication question. Authentication question options are listed at the bottom of this notice and must be returned to Shawnee Communications. If your pin number is lost or forgotten, your pin information can be mailed to the address on your account. If you visit our offices and request informa- tion on your account, a valid photo ID must be shown. Changes made to accounts will take affect 33 days after the request. If a change is made to your CPNI, you will receive a letter noting the requested change. If you receive the change of CPNI letter and you aren’t aware of a requested change, contact us immediately.