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5on Google,Apr 12, 2021


The staff is very friendly and helpful. They got everything setup and my service on within a week. So far the service seems to be good. We have 2 smart phones and use 1 of 2 smart televisions so I have the small internet package.

Recommendedon Facebook,Mar 26, 2021


Everything and the man that came and got us connected was a great guy..He conversated and laughed with us as if we were family..

Recommendedon Facebook,Mar 26, 2021

Cheyenne Skylar

Great people! Quick connection!! Fast internet!

5on Google,Mar 06, 2021


Very informative technician with high standards of professional knowledge.

5on Google,Feb 22, 2021


Very nice and helpful. Good quality internet.

3on Google,Jan 27, 2021


My experience with actual Shawnee employees were fantastic and they were as helpful as they could have been. Unfortunately they only come in at the very end after the install crews have already messed up. Thankfully Shawnee fixed all the mistakes from the install crews because the install crews were absolutely terrible. With the install crew, who is a subcontracted company, I never received any calls to make sure I was home. Therefore I could not show them where everything needed to go. They would just show up randomly, without warning and dig up my yard. They marked the cabling route wrong, they placed the equipment on the house wrong, they made a giant mess of my yard that I had to clean up and any time I had a question, the children they have working for the install company gave blank looks or honestly answered "I have no idea".