Wireless Internet Service

Speed Test

Want to find out what speed you’re currently getting? Click here to find out!

No Data Caps

Think of it like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Stream until you run out of things to watch, not data.

Fast WiFi

No need to worry about WIFI coverage.  A commercial grade, dual band wireless router is included as part of your service.

How much speed do you need?

Everyone uses the interet differently. If you aren’t sure what kind of bandwidth will best serve your digital needs, try our Bandwidth Calculator by clicking the button below.

Internet in hard to reach places

We believe access to the Internet should have no limits. That is why Shawnee’s top tier service is available in even hard to reach places. Choose the Internet plan that is best for you and start living life, wirelessly.

Wireless Internet Installation

A site survey is required to determine if Wireless services from Shawnee Communications is in range of your home or business. Site surveys are provided at no charge.

Wireless internet plans paid month to month have a $150 installation fee. Customers may also choose a 3-year term with a $60 installation fee. System Requirements: router and up-to-date virus protection.